Design &

Limah was founded as a response to the need for a connection between architecture and the user experience. We explore and connect the areas between buildings and public spaces.

Our ethos is simple: take our knowledge and understanding of how humans interact with the built environment and use it to assist our clients in reaching their goals by delivering memorable and valuable experiences for the end user. We call it design & innovation for the built environment.

As a multidisciplinary design firm we explore and develop products and experiences for built environments, with a goal to make efficient built environments, increase economic activity and create pride in local cultures and communities. We are comprised of a skilled and dedicated team of industrial designers, information designers, architects, engineers, human centered researchers, wayfinding analysts and graphic artists. We use a holistic team approach to the integration of design to bring products, brands and spaces to life.

Through projects developed across multiple continents, we have extensive expertise in delivering highly successful, internationally acclaimed design. Our work is about Engineering Experiences™ that respect the values and heritage of the local culture, while introducing new innovations sustainably designed to the highest of international standards. At the core of our work is a passion for enhancing the world we live in.