As the global leaders in wayfinding, limah has built a solid reputation for bringing innovations to wayfinding & signage for some of the world's most amazing buildings and public spaces.

Today's buildings and spaces are becoming more vast, unique and complex, and the need for professional, clear and unbiased advice from a wayfinding and signage consultant to guide users through these spaces, cannot be understated. limah brings a fresh and unique approach to the field by redefining what wayfinding and signage consulting is all about. We call it design & innovation for the built environment.

limah broke the mould of the traditional signage consultancy – a world of graphic designers, by creating a multidisciplinary approach. With a dedicated and skilled team of industrial designers, information designers, architects, engineers, human centered researchers, wayfinding analysts and graphic artists, limah's expertise can be counted on to make a positive difference.

More than just signage.

For limah wayfinding is not just signage; it's about collaborating with architects, developers and cities to understand, shape and influence how humans interact with the built environment, with a goal to increase economic activity and create pride in the local culture and community. It begins by gaining an understanding of the user and how they will use the space, then influencing the user in their navigation to create memorable experiences.

A unique approach to wayfinding.

At limah, the focus is on the human experience of wayfinding. In a unique approach we analyze not only the practical functionality of the environment but focus on how people make decisions to find their way to a destination. The design criteria are always that the users experience be stress-free and enjoyable.

limah believes professional wayfinding can have a truly positive effect on the user, and bring value to the environment. Through our process of design & innovation, careful study and research in the culture, language, mindset, community and human factors of the users, beautiful and functional signage and features are created and implemented for our world class clients.

It is with this understanding that limah begins the concept design of signage and other communication elements. Carefully planned and well designed signage should always be intuitive, complimentary and of course be integral to the architecture in order to enrich the environment as well as the user experience. We understand that if the visitors experience is positive; one that allows them to easily navigate the space, they are more likely to return and tell others of their enjoyable experience.

limah utilizes a wealth of knowledge and experience in technical design, engineering, materials and fabrication methods that result in the creation of high quality signage and features, which once placed on site in suitable locations, aid the user on their journey.

One such project for the City of Madinah tested our skills to the fullest extents through a complete city-wide wayfinding masterplan. The yearlong project consisted of a number of team members conducting on-site research and user analysis for everything from signage to street lighting to public art such as the Madinah Clock Towers.