Our team utilizes their knowledge and experience in design, engineering, materials and fabrication methods to deliver successful projects.

Successful outcomes rely on adopting sound methodologies. Our path to innovation begins with understanding the project in full detail with the team working together focused on the essentials; human centred design, user mindset, built environment, natural environment, engineering, communication, human factors, and paths & flow. The limah methodology results in delivering to end users an experience that is stress-free, enjoyable, and always assists them in knowing where they are and where they have to go; this is the hallmark of successful wayfinding.

Precise methods that lead to innovation.

Once limah has gained an insight into the user, the desired experience and the environment, we then push the project forward by outlining a range of well thought-out strategies. The uniquely developed limah methodology covers the creative process and moves through various services and areas of expertise from masterplanning and technical engineering right through to project management. This not only ensures that we maintain high levels of design integrity but also delivers outstanding client satisfaction.

Our design intent is simple; to deliver products that are not only beautiful, but are also functional and integrated into the environment in which they exist. The limah methodology allows us to explore and identify opportunities for enhanced branding, client and guest relations and revenue generation opportunities on behalf of our clients, which increase a project's value both in longevity and increased economic activity.

We believe that by taking a holistic approach to designing wayfinding, urban elements and public art and integrating these elements into the environment serves not only as a functional communication tool, but also through collaboration with the architectural teams serves as an extension of the space. Our work encourages positive connections between users and the built environment.