limah is configured to be a creative asset to the architectural teams we work within.

Using a human-centred approach to designing wayfinding & signage projects, we collaborate with architects and clients developing products that connect with people on both a functional and emotional level. Limah'smultidisciplinary team is configured to be an asset to the architectural teams we work within, providing clear unbiased advice, well researched and creative design, well-engineered buildable solutions, using a creative approach to problem solving.

Design with a difference.

From collaboration to a final solution, the team begins brainstorming fully exploring all opportunities. These creative design sessions often lead to new discoveries as in the case of Abu Dhabi's Reem Mall. Early work sessions with the architects and client led to Limah developing a complete VIP retail experience for the luxury areas of the mall, which included a sculptural water feature, a new identity and membership cards.

Research leads to ideas.

Through multiple means, our talented team brings sketch concepts to life through 3D and physical prototypes that clearly convey the materials and form of all products. Our constant and ever evolving process, always begins with careful research. Our research leads us produce a range of design approaches and concepts to fully explore all of the project's challenges and solutions. Our concepts are then reviewed, refined, and prototyped to finally create a clear design direction for the project.

Testing ideas, buildable solutions.

At Limah, our designers work closely with outside fabricators and suppliers to produce more rounded solutions. This also provides us with a wealth of latest knowhow that feeds directly into the design process. In many projects early work involves the prototyping and the testing of ideas such as for the City of Abu Dhabi. In many projects early work involves the prototyping and the testing of ideas such as for the City of Abu Dhabi and their high profile Street Media Program. By prototyping early, we add greater value – whether by informing better designs, helping secure planning consents and budgets, or finding savings in cost, time and resources.