Knowledge Economic City awarded to limah



It is with great excitement we announce our second major Urban wayfinding project in Saudi Arabia, as we join hands with Knowledge Economic City Company. Our scope of work shall revolve around Phase One of the 4.8 million sqm site while considering and planning for the future phases which include residential, commercial and a new high speed rail station. Knowledge Economic City (KEC), one of the six Economic Cities under development in KSA, is another opportunity for our team to help create Madinah’s future. Already fully engaged in the Central Area of Madinah, the new development is just 5 km from our existing Urban Wayfinding package. This new project will allow us to plan the Wayfinding & Signage for a large portion of the city.

Our clients have quickly begun to see the value in professional wayfinding, our consulting firm and expertise specializing in large scale Urban and Infrastructure projects. wayfinding now has become a very important discipline in the planning of large environments, and we are thrilled to be at the forefront of this challenging field.

The project now under construction will see Phase One of our work implemented in early 2013.