Limah featured in Expo 2020 Magazine

Jason Lewis talks about how the technology is affecting wayfinding in urban environments in this exciting article by Adrienne Cernigoi for the Expo 2020 Magazine. Urban Explorers discusses the merger of the physical and digital space that is happening on the streets of the world.


"Technology is integrating into the wayfinding world primarily through the mobile app, says Jason Lewis, founder of wayfinding advisors Limah Design Consultants: “It is an opportunity to create that first touch point, like visiting a website before you go to a shopping mall.” Interactive signage is another example. Digital signs can, for instance, respond to immediate needs by updating information in real time such as in car parks, explains Lewis.

Technology cannot help on a person’s entire journey, however. “We look at [technology] as one of the tools we use to assist people navigating spaces,” he says. “It can’t replace traditional signage, which still has a function in the environment.”

Yet technology is affecting his industry in subtle ways – modifying rather than replacing the visual clues they design. “It’s changed our approach to really simplify sites down to their bare minimum and make the signage we design much more integrated into the architecture,” he notes."