Meet the Team - Amer Mansour

Meet the Team! Every month we will profile one of our team members, this month is Amer Mansour, born in Syria, where he studied Architecture, joined our team in early 2011. Now acting as Associate Lead Designer, his current projects include Heart of Sharjah, King Fahad Medical City, Al Bait Hotel and World Trade Centre. We asked him a few questions about his work and life in Dubai.

Why Dubai?
Dubai is constantly on the move, It's distinguished as a young, dynamic, productive and knowledge driven population, not to mention the pre-eminent business and leisure hub in the region. This meteoric growth is kinda interesting to be around.

What inspired me to do what I do
Architecture as an invigorating inanimate matter with intelligence and performance.

Random fact about me
I'm a coffee freak.

At the weekend I love
Friends, Books and News.

If I won a million dollars
Would be a lot of fun. With my bad money managing skills it probably last a few days.

Slogan for life
Live slow, Die whenever!

Best holiday destination ever

All-time dream
Save Syria.

What is your favorite part in a project?
The early stages definitely carries lots of interesting process, I also enjoy when the final products come along with the initial planning.

What does wayfinding mean to you?
Wayfinding is a very important aspect of our daily life and has been neglected for so long that it should be given the rightful place on the drawing board. It is user oriented and drivers its approach and its interventions from the behavioral and psychological foundations of wayfinding.