Meet the Team - Haseeb Memon

Meet the Team! Every month we will profile one of our team members, this month is Haseeb Memon, born in Pakistan where he studied Accounting and did his Masters in Business Administration. Now acting as Finance and Contracts Manager, Haseeb is always actively involved in projects and client relations. We asked him a few questions about his work and life in Dubai.


Why Dubai?
Dubai is a destination of the 21st century. It is now the home of whole gamut of corporations and companies. The best come to Dubai to be part of the show. The need for talent and the extent of development actually means that you get to play a significant role in shaping the future in your role, compared to working in boring saturated markets where everything has been done and the rules are already defined.


What inspired me to do what I do
Most people would be surprised to know how exciting accounting and finance really is. Big decisions are made based on financial and operational insights drawn by finance professionals. We are in the heat of the battle, the success of the business depends on us.


Random fact about me
I am moody. I tried a lot to change this but I can’t.


At the weekend I love
Playing Cards with Friends, Sleeping and Dinner with Family.


If I won a million dollars
I will go on world tour with my family and build a big house at my home country.


Slogan for life
Dreams don’t work unless you do.


Best holiday destination ever
Home Country (Pakistan). Holidays are to take rest and meet friends.


All-time dream
The world without inequalities.


What is your favorite part in a project?
The beginning, negotiation.

What does wayfinding mean to you?
Wayfinding to me is solving a problem. If you are in a problem you need to find the way to get out. When you find the way you feel that you are not lost.