Power 100 - The Most Influential People in the GCC

Some people reading the Power 100 List 2013 will argue that Jason Lewis’s work is so revolutionary in this region that he should have been in the top 10.

If you have ever been lost in a Middle Eastern city, you will know that finding your way is not always straightforward. Lewis is the savior and his example could change the way we all find our way.

His company has been chosen to develop a street naming, numbering and address system for the economic cities under development in Saudi Arabia. “Saudi’s Economic Cities have demonstrated a keen desire to implement the latest in design for urban environments with an emphasis on sustainability,” says Lewis.

“Part of that desire is to create efficient places for people. Cities are the most confusing of all places, and the simplicity of this address system will help solve this.”

As we go to press with the Power 100 Lewis’s team is finalising the initial proposal. “The results will be rolled out over the next few years,” says Lewis. “While signs are the obvious visible outcome of the work, there is more to it, and the process of getting there starts out research-intense.”


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