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Dubai, UAE | 07 August, 2012

LIMAH Develops Wayfinding for JW Marriott Sahar

Limah wins a contract to develop wayfinding system for new JW Marriott Hotel in Mumbai.

Limah Design Consultants has been awarded the contract to develop a comprehensive Wayfinding and signage system for the new JW Marriott Sahar in Mumbai, India.

As a multi-disciplinary design firm, Limah provides a scientific approach to making complex spaces more efficient through Wayfinding and signage, the use of public art, as well as industrial and communication design.

Limah will be focusing on developing an intuitive numbering system for all the hotel's guest rooms, suites and floors to ease flow through the property. The company will also make the car park easier to navigate through large graphics and oversized numbers as well as bright colours to welcome guests and aid them in remembering where they parked.

All too often signage is something that is simply added at the end of a project: in this case it will be integrated into the architecture by using similar materials and themes to the rest of the hotel.

"Wayfinding consulting for hotels is somewhat of a new field, as in to date projects relied on sign designers or fabricators in the end stages of construction to provide signage," said Jason Lewis, Founder and Managing Director of Limah Design Consultants.

"Today's hotels are far more than just places to spend the night, and clients are finding the need to inform guests and give a sense of comfort by allowing guests to understand the complete hotel space. Often guests miss out on amenities, such as restaurants, cafes and spas, simply because they were not aware these were located within the hotel."

"A Wayfinding master plan addresses these issues by gaining a thorough understanding of the environment and its users before designing any signage, and our efforts as consultants have the goal of increasing hotel's revenues through complete Wayfinding and signage."

"Furthermore, a properly planned and implemented Wayfinding program reinforces the message that the hotel and brand is well-planned, organized, safe and caring. If a visitor can easily find their way around, they are more likely to return and tell others of their enjoyable experience."

Limah Design Consultant's work on the new JW Marriott will also place an emphasis on sustainable materials and design by using locally-sourced, recycled aluminium and plastics, water-based paints and environmentally friendly powder coat systems to produce all the signage. Limah will also use LED lighting technologies which have very low power consumption and a long life.

"Our company policy is to only work with fabricators who maintain good working conditions for labourers, pay fair wages, and recycle materials, as this is very important to our overall mission," added Lewis.