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Dubai, UAE | 10 July, 2012

LIMAH Implements Wayfinding in Dar al Jewar

LIMAH has been appointed to develop wayfinding system for Dar Al Jewar in Knowledge Economic City.

Limah Design Consultants has been appointed to develop a comprehensive Wayfinding and address system for Dar Al Jewar, a luxury community located within Knowledge Economic City (KEC) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

"The system will include street naming, villa numbering, signage, water features and street furniture, as well as the use of different colours for each specific area," said Jason Lewis, Founder and Managing Director of Limah. As a multi-disciplinary design firm, Limah provides a scientific approach to making complex spaces more efficient through Wayfinding and signage, the use of public art, as well as industrial and communication design.

"Architects and developers have really begun to see the need for Wayfinding, especially in large communities like KEC," explains Lewis.

"Effective signage and Wayfinding features that are built into the landscape not only make the residential community more interesting and efficient; it also gives residents a sense of place, and can provide safety.

"It also shows the residents that the developers care about the small details, and it definitely gives them a sense of pride in their local community," added Lewis.

The project has an area of around 600,000 square meters, and contains 900 villas that will be developed over four phases. With a total investment value of SAR 1 billion, the project is planned to be completed in 2014. limah is currently working on the first phase of the project, which includes 206 villas that will be completed by the end of 2012.

"Dar Al Jewar is the first gated community in Madinah, and is located just 5 km from Al Masjid al Nabawi. Our goal is to build a sustainable and livable community, and the Wayfinding and signage plan will play a major role in the success of this community," said Omar Bafail, Sales & Marketing Manager of Knowledge Economic City.

"The Wayfinding plan will help to link together Dar Al Jewar as well as KEC, making it easy for residents and visitors to find their way through the development and guide them to their destination, as well as create a unique experience and produce a friendly environment for all our residents and visitors."

A new urban hub, Knowledge Economic City will feature residential, hospitality, commercial centres, research facilities, museums and shopping areas. KEC will be positioned to serve Saudi Arabia's economic diversification strategy and revive Madinah's role as a centre for the Islamic knowledge, global knowledge and culture. Limah Design Consultants has been handed the Wayfinding masterplan for this immense scheme which is meant to serve as a benchmark for the six other 'Economic Cities'.