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Dubai, UAE | 11 October, 2016

LIMAH Talks in Smart Cities Report

In an article called Technology Marches in a Smart Cities Report issue, Jason Lewis explains how the Internet of Things is changing public spaces to create positive user experiences.

"The IoT – in essence a future wherein every object, natural or manmade; our buildings, our homes, even our bodies communicating data in real time. The challenge for developers of the future will be to harness this data in meaningful ways, to understand user’s needs, wants and desires, to tailor user experiences to user behaviors and ultimately keep users coming back.”In his article, Jason also explains and elaborates more on Smart Parking applications, inside car-park technologies, navigating the public spaces and how most buildings and public spaces today rely on signage to guide users.Want to know more? Head over here to read the entire article.

Read the full article here.