Central Madinah Clocks

Madinah, Saudi Arabia

A vital and prominent part of the overall wayfinding strategy for the City of Madinah are the large scale clock towers located across the city.  Acting as more than just an identification sign, these landmarks, are made of the finest materials including Italian mosaics and gold plated finishes, which each district having its own unique colour theme.

The clock towers also provide an innovate function by lining via satellite to the various information centres  around the city. Each clock tower then displays various messages and information at prayer times and changes colour, serving as an artful piece of urban landscape and a memorable visual marker for the  5 million people that visit the holy site every year.

These striking Clock Towers compliments the other parts of the Family of Products that limah developed for the city which included, Intricate exterior signs that incorporate district patterns and icons to help simplify the Wayfinding process. Also developed were, large architectural signs such as archways, directional signs, information centers, static maps and street posts all of which are constructed of the finest materials including gold plating.