JW Marriott Sahar

Mumbai, India

When Marriott Hotels began their flagship development in Mumbai, India near Sahar International Airport, they approached limah Design Consultants to undertake a complete wayfinding and signage masterplan for the site. The project will contain 530 Guest Suites, a Ballroom, Restaurants, Cafes, all day dining as well as business centres, meeting rooms,and a separate Office Block and Retail space.

limah will be focusing on developing an intuitive numbering system for all the hotel’s guest rooms, suites and floors to ease flow through the property. The company will also make the car park easier to navigate through large graphics as well as bright colours to welcome guests and aid them in remembering where they parked.

All too often signage is something that is simply added at the end of a project: in this case it will be integrated into the architecture by using similar materials and themes to the rest of the hotel.

With today’s hotels being far more than just places to spend the night, clients are finding the need to inform guests and give a sense of comfort by allowing guests to understand the complete hotel space. Often guests miss out on amenities, such as restaurants, cafes and spas, simply because they were not aware these were located within the hotel. A complete Wayfinding masterplan addresses these issues by gaining a thorough understanding of the environment and its users before designing any signage, and our efforts as consultants have the goal of increasing hotel’s revenues through complete Wayfinding and signage program.

A properly planned and implemented Wayfinding program reinforces the message that the hotel and brand is well-planned, organized, safe and caring. If a visitor can easily find their way around, they are more likely to return and tell others of their enjoyable experience. This is clearly what J.W. Marriott had in mind when selecting a quality partner in limah Design Consultants and to date the results have been excellent.

limah's work will place an emphasis on Sustainable Materials and Design. The overall family of products features interior signs, exterior signs, identity signage along with a range of developed directional signage as well as all of the code and regulatory signage to complete the entire building.