D1 Tower

Dubai, UAE

D1’s dramatic design fuses rich middle eastern heritage with todays technology, quality and modernity. A stunning 80 storey tower with exclusive residents’ facilities including a residents lounge, indoor pool, gymnasium and concierge services. D1 is developed by ENSHAA PSC, a luxury real estate developer based in the United Arab Emirates. The development will provide many quiet corners for relaxation or congenial meetings. In the lobby, the cool and comfortable Café Lounge will be a favourite place to entertain friends or simply sit and linger.


The artistry of the craftsmen of Dubai, and the traditional forms of the region’s fishing nets, provide inspiration for the geometry of D1’s podium canopy. The materials and timber construction are reminiscent of the deep-sea dhowsvessels associated with the Gulf region and its waterways. The resultant shade structure, so evocative of the Mushrabiya (Arabian screens), pays authentic homage to local tradition, as the towering form of D1 rises above the life-enhancing shade of the canopy.


In collaboration with ENSHAA PSC, Limah Design Consultants proposes to develop the complete Wayfinding & Signage Strategy and Masterplan for the sites exteriors, interiors, carparks, back of house and service areas. The design guidelines and standards will be based on Local & International Standards, in accordance with the location, architecture, interiors, site conditions and functions, project guidelines, client vision and the local culture. Further an emphasis will placed on local materials and sustainable design in all products developed. Our work shall aid in the creation of an efficient, welcoming and dynamic environment.