Central Madinah Info Centres

Madinah, Saudi Arabia

When 5 million people visit the one holy place every year, the ability to gain timely information on how to find their way around the site becomes very important.  This is why limah Design Consultants recommended the City create a series of stand alone Information Centres, with large screen displays. Located in prominent open areas, the large info centres contain three giant LED screen displaying maps in Arabic, English and urdu, during prayer times these screens also feature messages and are linked to clock towers through satellite around the city in a world first information and display system.

limah Design Consultants was commissioned to provide a complete wayfinding solution for this prestigious project which included a proper street address system, Intricate exterior signs that incorporate district patterns and icons to help simplify the wayfinding process. The developed family of products include large architectural signs such as archways, identification signage, clock towers, directional signs, information centers, static maps and street posts all of which are constructed of the finest materials including gold plating.