We transform public spaces through art
that inspires and enhances the environments we live in.

Public Art Consulting, Art Strategies

Public Art

Since our beginning, our work has been focused on influencing how people interact with the built
environment. Early on, we discovered that public art can have a truly positive impact on
people’s lives.

Our studio, located within Dubai’s arts and creativity district, Alserkal Avenue, gives us access to some of the world’s most prominent artists, gallerists, and curators which we use to source unique and site appropriate works and collections. Alternatively, our team has established in-house artists to develop commissioned works.

Our experience has allowed us to expand our capabilities into offering our services in the area of public art. This has made us a global first of its kind consultancy that has the ability to deliver from concept to installation complete public art master plans, art strategies, and artwork commissions. Our work is focused on shaping and transforming through public art; urban, retail, commercial, residential and hospitality environments.

More and more today, our clients are recognizing the impact art can make in public spaces. Strategically designed and placed public art can be used to celebrate local cultures, express community values, strengthen brands, revitalize neighbourhoods, and increase community capital. Successful public art achieves all this while at the same time being used to deliver economic benefits such as creating tourism opportunities and brand awareness through social sharing. With this in mind, much of the artwork created by LIMAH finds its way into our wayfinding master plans as it is a proven way to add value to the public space.  Through the use of engaging sculptures, murals, installations and other mediums, we create landmarks; a place to meet as well as identify decision points, in essence, wayfinding in its truest form, natural and intuitive.

We shape and transform communities and the built environment in the following 4 ways:


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Working with architects, landscape consultants and developers, Limah begins at the first projects stages to develop public art masterplans and art strategies for large and small scale developments. Through site analysis and surveys, our team studies human behaviour and movements, site vistas and conditions to determine ideal locations and context. Through client and stakeholder interviews, we determine project objectives, budgets, goals and parameters. Once recognised, we begin an artistic theme research, identification of appropriate site specific mediums, local cultural references, materials and opportunities. Part of this early research and studies is artist pre-qualification, or if the client prefers, we may undertake artist competition management and contract coordination between artists and clients.


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Upon selection of a thematic direction, either Limah’s established in-house artists or in collaboration with local and international artists, we begin conceptualising the artworks and installations. The concepts are taken to full development though hand sketches, renderings, 3D Models and physical prototypes. Once approved, we collaborate with the architectural team on location coordination, MEP requirements, engineering, structural and technical detailing and further quality assurance during the implementation stage, to ensure the works will stand the test of time. Often, some artists require assistance in realising their visions; here we act as technical advisors to bring the works to completion through technical detailing and value engineering while maintaining the work's integrity.



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In all of our projects, we provide art advisory and project management to ensure works are site specific and appropriate in becoming part of the overall client vision and masterplan. Some clients prefer investment works that maintain or increase in value over time, while others are cost conscious and prefer our in-house established artists provide solutions. In either case, our art advisory services assist clients in obtaining the most appropriate works. Commissioning of the work involves contract administration by us and pre-qualification of qualified fabricators and artists.


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As these works are often installed during large construction projects, we develop communication strategies to ensure smooth implementation through development of work schedules and installation coordination. Our team brings experienced project managers, who act as facilitators between artists, fabricators and site contractors. During final phases we review shop drawings, material samples and documentation for operation and maintenance manuals to ensure the works are of quality. Finally our engineers undertake inspections, confirm compliance to the contract requirements, and document the works for archival and
collection purposes.

"Strategically designed and placed public art can be used to
celebrate local cultures, express community values,
strengthen brands, revitalize neighbourhoods, and increase community capital."

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