It's time to design human experiences; not just signage.

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LIMAH is known as the pioneer of modern wayfinding - putting the focus on the human experience and not just signage. From our founding we set out to form and shape an entirely new design discipline; a professional consulting firm comprised of experts passionate about strategy
and design.

In today’s built environments customers demand more than just good design; they expect a great customer experience. But designing the total experience from the early project stages rarely happens, yet this is exactly what LIMAH's unique process allows us to do. LIMAH is a globally recognised thought leader in this area, and we believe that creating an exceptional human experience is what wayfinding and signage is all about.

Our wayfinding team is comprised of a dedicated and skilled group of industrial designers, information designers, architects, interior designers, engineers, human-centred researchers, wayfinding analysts and graphic artists. LIMAH's team, with its unrivalled expertise, has brought success to date on numerous global projects across all sectors including healthcare, urban design, sport, and transportation

For LIMAH, wayfinding and signage are about collaborating with architects and developers to understand, shape and influence how humans interact with the built environment. It begins by gaining an understanding of the end user, their needs, and desires, discovering opportunities for our clients, and research into how they will use the space. From there, design and develop strategies to influence these behaviours and create positive human experiences, whether it be through signage, graphics, digital experiencespublic art or customer journeys.

Our goal is to increase economic activity on our client’s projects and create safe, legible environments that make users want to return again and again. We believe professional wayfinding and signage consulting can have a truly positive effect on the user, and bring value to the environment. Through our process of design thinking, careful study and research in the culture, language, mindset, community and human factors of the users, beautiful and functional wayfinding products and experiences are created.

LIMAH has become the preferred consultant for many of the world’s leading architects and developers through 5 important ways:


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Developing exceptional human experiences is what wayfinding is truly all about. The analysis & research we put into our early conceptual work directly results in more efficient & economically successful projects. The common belief is that wayfinding is signage, but rather our work is about understanding, shaping and influencing how humans interact with built environments, to increase economic activity and build memorable experiences on behalf of our clients. This concept has become heavily copied in our industry however, no other firm comes close to the detail and strategic planning we do. Our goal is to create unique experiences for each environment; those that are destinations one can look forward to visiting and places to be comfortable living in.


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We are configured to be a creative asset to the architectural teams we work within. From collaboration to a final solution, our early creative work involves team brainstorming with architectural teams to fully explore all opportunities. These creative design sessions often lead to new discoveries, well-researched and creative design and well-engineered buildable solutions.


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Another game changer in the industry, Limah doesn’t rely on graphic designers, but rather made engineering and technical knowledge of product design a core principle of the discipline of our services. Our technical and engineering team prepares highly detailed drawings complete with material specifications, manufacturing methods and tender documents. This level of detail protects the client and enables high quality and well-built products to be installed on-site. Clearly detailed drawings and quality specifications ensure all bidders provide pricing on the same products and materials, without room for deviations. This means our clients can rely on the fact that what was designed and approved will be implemented
on site.


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We design products and experiences suitable for all ages and audiences in your projects, including those user with disabilities. In our work we research user groups with special needs to understand and highlight accessibility issues and potential areas of opportunities for better user experiences. In the past these have included audible navigation, digital applications, non-traditional wayfinding techniques and targeted customer experiences.


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Limah has long been recognised for its development and implementation of ideas and design that will bring our clients into the future. Whether it be through digital signage, augmented reality, driverless vehicles, or the latest in Virtual Reality and AI technologies, we dive deep to ensure what we design now is useful for many years to come and add great value to our clients' developments.


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Lastly, you can’t change an industry by following the pack. Setting out on a journey to become the global leader in wayfinding consulting is no easy task but thanks to a dedicated and passionate team, Limah has the ability to take on projects no other firm is capable of. We broke the mould of traditional wayfinding and signage, being the first firm to take a holistic approach to the discipline; not relying simply on graphic design and 2D thinking, our team is multidisciplinary from a number of backgrounds. This approach has allowed us to build long term relationships with our clients to become partners collaborating towards great project launches. We made our goal to create a team of experts each one focused on specific areas they feel most passionate about. Whether it be healthcare, accessible design, urban masterplanning or hospitality, we have an expert who can offer advice based on experience and cares deeply about creating an exceptional end result for that environment.

"For LIMAH, wayfinding and signage are about collaborating with architects and developers to understand, shape and influence how humans interact with the built environment."

Wayfinding Strategy

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