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Experience Design

Experience Design

To be future ready, built environments, brands, products, customers, and services need to be more connected than ever.

Users in today’s market demand more than just great built environments, they expect a great customer experience. This provides developers and architects opportunities to connect with customers and build lasting relationships in ways never before seen. We help our clients identify new ways to make these connections and enhance your built environments by uncovering user behaviours, desires, and needs.

Collaborating with architects and developers, we connect the dots and create human experiences for the end user. We envision and implement customer journeys, customer experiences, digital content, products and services and interactive experiences specifically for built environments. We call this work - Experience Design–The discipline of working artfully to bring about positive human experiences for built environments.

Experience Design has been shaped and developed by LIMAH over the past 10 years. Throughout our international work, we recognized the needs of clients and saw the space between environments and human experiences and the spaces between disciplines and identified connections that needed to be made. The principles of Experience Design allow us to make your environments more useful, more usable, and more enjoyable.

We apply our unique approach to the discipline of Experience Design to your projects in the following ways:


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Here we explore opportunities to enhance the Customer Experience. By starting with a creating a need and awareness for those customers we then dive deep to discover every touch point of that customers interact with our clients' brands and company. The touch point provides opportunities to create memorable moments that keep those customers coming back again and again and allow personal connections to be made with those customers. Ultimately the goal is to increase revenue opportunities for our
clients and create raving fans for your environments.


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We help you bring products to life for use in public spaces and connect these products and its uses across all areas of the environment. From Healthcare - patient monitors to unique parking management systems we have developed products that connect users to the space in meaningful ways.


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From an Experience Design point of view, digital platforms serve as an opportunity to build relationships with your guests before they even enter your space. A well-developed website and mobile application is an opportunity to introduce first time users to your space. The traditional approach of building apps and websites nearing the end of construction by separate marketing teams means key opportunities for integration may be missed. Early integration by our team results in your customer service, brand and user experience opportunities being developed and monetized early.


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We work with you to develop memorable moments that make your spaces come alive. Our projects encourage interaction and play and combine technology and architecture to immerse guests. Whether it’s a hospitality space trying to take a unique market position or a healthcare environment with focus on patient needs, our work allows us to identify and develop opportunities to create positive human experiences and enhanced customer journeys which can result in additional revenue streams. Beyond static design, opportunities through multi-sensory experiences encourage guests to become part of the environment and share it with other users.


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We evaluate the experience of your current or proposed built environment and its service offerings in order to identify threats, opportunities for future development or lessons to be applied to your project. Competitor analysis of projects has assisted many of our clients to understand future needs of the market.


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We design products and experiences suitable for all ages and audiences in your projects, including those user with disabilities. In our work we research user groups with special needs to understand and highlight accessibility issues and potential areas of opportunities for better user experiences. In the past, these have included audible navigation, digital applications, non-traditional wayfinding techniques and targeted customer experiences.

"Experience Design - The discipline of working artfully to bring about positive human experiences for built environments."

User Experience Design

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